Off the beaten path innovation


Off the beaten path innovation

"Wingsurfing is for me the perfect discipline to fill the big sessions in strapless surfkite when the conditions do not lend themselves to it. It's while developing products dedicated to the practice of surfing, that we felt the need to add our HB stone to the edifice of this sport. With the same leitmotiv, we wanted to explore the limits of this discipline to push them further and further."

Hervé Bouré

Rider Set Up

My Quiver

The perfect combo for a SURFWING session : FLAIR X QUEST X FLOW

The goal is to maximize each and every session, mixing waves, freeride and surf-foil. For that, I need to have technical and versatile products, which really serve as a cross over between each session. The Quest benefits from HB Surf unique know-how as they are produced in the same production workshops than our surfkite. The lightness, solidity and unique handmade finished are key elements of our new wingsurfing board. For my hydrofoil, I use the FLow Foil, a modern, modular and truly versatile hydrofoil that not only matches but exceeds the performance characteristics. Lighter, stiffer and extremely efficient, the Flow has probably the best combination of glide and carve.

Being the engine of my passion, I needed a weapon that required maneuverability and power. Furthermore, lightness and strength are essential characteristics of surfwing and the Guide wing is the perfect embodiment of this.

Tom Juban
HB SURF RIDER @jubantom
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