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As every explorer on our planet, we have an authentic thirst for freedom and unique sensations. This goes beyond passion, it is a real obsession. The perfect combination of wave, wind and wildness is our magic bullet to reach the foreseeable, but unreachable, ultimate freedom. This quest has no limits, no boundaries, hence the relentless efforts to transcend ourselves each day. By sharing our discoveries and shape the most accurate technical products for our quest, together we will reach the unreachable.


  • Technology

    Board Biax Technology

    Board Biax Technology

    The BIAX bamboo technology allows you to getto a new level. After several years of research and prototypes tested through out the world by our international team, the advanced BIAX construction, combined with the parabolic Paulownia wood rails provide an exceptional structure for the board.

    • It is 15% lighterthan our classic construction, who already was the lighest on the market !
    • Further more, it also grants amazing responsive and flex features while keeping the durability every HB boards have, known to be the most durable on the market !
    • The third reason that led to into developing this unique technology is COMFORT. Thanks to the damping it provides, the BIAX construction offers a fluid and precise feel that gives you a progression tool like no other !
  • Technology

    3D Hook Patented Harness Technology

    This technological innovation Breveté from Hervé Bouré takes into account the specific movements and forces of kite surfing.
    The freedom is total, no matter where the kite is located in the window. With this friction-less system, the kite is connected directly to the rotary axis, unlike the traditional kite hook. The freedom is total, no matter where the kite is located in the window. You can finally open your shoulders while surfing and get amplitude for freestyle !

  • Technology

    Pilot Bar II, control as never before

    Designed for riders who want to get the most out of their kite, the new Pilote Bar II is simply perfect. A 100% safe bar, as refined, precise and technical as ever !
    The whole Pilote Bar has been refined lightened to avoid any tangles. Our lines are manufactured to the highest quality standards by the German manufacturer Liros. The new metal pulley and wedge cleat greatly improve untangling, then offering a more precise and secure setting. The new release model is equipped with a double ISO-compliant untangling system.

  • Technology

    Most Intuitive & All round Kite

    Unmatched Drift
    Huge and Unique Depower
    One panel Leading Edge for utlimate intuitive feeling
    Driving Modes to adapt to any strapless discipline
    2 different bridle (pulley and without pulley) for everyone and every conditions
    Refined & Visible Design
    Specifically designed for all the strapless discipline Surf, freestyle, freeride, foil, downwind




« Our main obsession is designing the best surf products for all the freedom chasers like us. Our discipline is unique on earth and require commitment, craziness and technical skills. We must have the most accurate equipment to face the most fierce waters and winds without any strap to control our moves. That is why we develop dedicated surf technology that you will only encounter on HB Surf products. It comes from our uniqueness and our strong surf experience as precursor of this sport ! »

Hervé Bouré

HB surf Strapless society

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