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Like all explorers on this earth, we have a real thirst for freedom and unique sensations. It's more than a passion, it's an obsession. The perfect combination of wave, wind and wildness is our magic bullet to achieve the ultimate freedom, predictable but unattainable. This quest has no limits, no boundaries, hence the relentless efforts to transcend ourselves every day. By sharing our discoveries and crafting the most precise technical products for our quest, we will reach the unattainable together.

  • Technology

    Freedom with FLAIR


    Once again we have used our passion and desire for freedom to create a new style of wingsurfing. Our unique design is centered around a self-stabilizing delta profile and ultra-light construction that enhances the maneuverability and lightness in the long downwind surfing that this discipline allows. As always, we focus on technology for the benefit of the strapless discipline.

    • PERFECT PROFILE: The FLAIR's self-stabilizing profile makes you forget about the kite while you ride and drastically improves handling.
    • LIGHT AS POSSIBLE: The FLAIR is the lightest wing on the market. The 3m˛ weighs 1.5kg, the 4m˛ weighs 1.9kg and the 5m˛ weighs 2.2kg, while the 6m˛ weighs 2.5kg.
    • UNIQUE STRUCTURE: The unique structural design of the FLAIR increases the rigidity of the wing, reduces flutter and provides great power and speed.
  • Technology

    Explore with the Quest


    The Quest benefits from HB Surf's unique know-how and is produced in the same workshops as our surfkites. Lightness, solidity and a unique handcrafted finish are the key elements of our new wingsurf board.

    • UNIQUE FEELING: The Armacell frame and the US case are one and the same on our QUEST. This means that the strength is uniform throughout the board and provides an unmatched responsive feel. The composite structure also allows the board to be very light.
    • 100% RECYCLABLE COMPOSITES: The discipline of surfwing requires large volume boards. It takes a lot of materials to build a wing support. That's why we chose to work with recycled and recyclable composites for our QUEST, reducing as much as possible the waste emissions in our production workshops.
    • DEDICATE & UNIQUE WING SURFING SHAPE : The Quest benefits from HB Surf's unique know-how as it is produced in the same workshops as our surfkite. Lightness, strength and a unique handcrafted finish are the key elements of our new wingsurfing board.



"I have been kiting and designing since the beginning of the sport. Over the years I have always pushed the boundaries of the sport by designing the most advanced products possible and testing them in real and challenging conditions. I don't consider myself a designer but rather a surf explorer who uses design to achieve the ultimate freedom of surfing.

With the same leitmotiv, we wanted to explore the limits of this discipline that is Wing Surfing to push them further and further. All my products are directed towards this unique goal that I will never stop pursuing."

Hervé Bouré

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