Wave, Wind & Wildness

Like all explorers on this earth, we have a real thirst for freedom and unique sensations. It's more than a passion, it's an obsession. The perfect combination of wave, wind and wildness is our magic bullet to achieve the ultimate freedom, predictable but unattainable. This quest has no limits, no boundaries, hence the relentless efforts to transcend ourselves every day. By sharing our discoveries and crafting the most precise technical products for our quest, we will reach the unattainable together.

  • Our History

    Birth of HB Surf


    It is after all these hours of sessions, these years of competitions, 2 wolrd Champion titles and above all, this long acquired experience that Hervé Bouré launched HB Surf. The first brand creating boards exclusively dedicated to the strapless practice. HB Surf was therefore created on July 14th, 2011 under the impulse of Hervé, still today a surf explorer.

  • Our History

    Strapless Society


    HB Surf Strapless Society is born! If you're a Strapless fan, you've probably heard of this blog that was animating the web ! Today, more than ever, we continue to share our passion thanks to our community. Via the STRAPLESS SOCIETY social medias and dedicated services for members only.

  • Our History



    With the aim of always gaining ground in the discipline, it is during this year that HB Surf's first noseless surf will be created: The Anti 5"4. This exclusive shape has been created to meet the demands of modern freestyle. The unique double swallow allows you to push your limits with ultimate control of the board in both directions !

  • Our history



    The Surf Exploration Continues. From the first day we draw from our surfing roots and of course we introduced in 2015 our first paddle surfboard. The new Regence surf board is the result of our passion for surfing and our commitment to deliver high-performance and technical products.

  • Our History

    The first harness entirely dedicated to STRAPLESS.


    We continue to innovate by introducing the patented 3D Hook system which equips the Legacy harnesses. In its conquest of the strapless market, HB Surf has designed the first kite harnesss specially developed for strapless.

  • Our History

    A new weapon the LEGION Kite


    Known for years for our surf boards, we use our experience of surf to develop our first kite, the Legion! This kite has been developed to cover a large demand for any strapless ride.

  • Our History

    Surfwing, A new Way to Surf


    With all these years of experience, all these innovations at the service of the discipline, HB Surf has reinvented itself, always faithful to its original roots: THE SURF
    Our rebellious brand, has studied and designed its product for a long time and finally comes out with the FLAIR wing. One of the very first wing on the market, both light and with a self-stable delta profile that reinforces its manoeuvrability and lightness.
    We are also specialised in surf boards since several years, and after our recent innovation, we released a brand new support dedicated to wing-riders, the QUEST. Finally a board capable of satisfying your strapless sessions !


Dedicated surf technology

Off the beaten path innovation

Our main obsession is designing the best surf products for all the freedom chasers like us. Our discipline is unique on earth and require commitment, craziness and technical skills. We must have the most accurate equipment to face the most fierce waters and winds without any strap to control our moves. That is why we develop dedicated surf technology that you will only encounter on HB Surf products. It comes from our uniqueness and our strong surf experience as precursor of this sport.

  • Technology

    Board Biax Technology

    Ultimate Lightness, Radicality & Solidity

    The BIAX bamboo technology allows you to getto a new level, After several years of research and prototypes tested through out the world by the international team, the BIAX construction, along with the Paulownia parabolic wooden rails, gives an exceptional structure to the board. It is 15% lighter than our classic construction, who already was the lighest on the market! Further more, it also grants amazing responsive and flex features while keeping the durability every HB boards have, known to be the most durable on the market!

  • Technology

    Harness Technology

    3D Hook Patented

    This technological innovation Breveté from Hervé Bouré takes into account the specific movements and forces of kite surfing.
    The freedom is total, no matter where the kite is located in the window. With this friction-less system, the kite is connected directly to the rotary axis, unlike the traditional kite hook. The freedom is total, no matter where the kite is located in the window. You can finally open your shoulders while surfing and get amplitude for freestyle!

  • Technology

    Legion kite



    • NEW TRI-RADIAL FLUID STRUCTURE : the beginning of a new era!
    • A freeride/wave program with TWENTY SETTINGS
    • TWO DIFFERENT BRIDGES to mount on your Legion III
    • A REFINED AND CLEANED design with a high end finish!
    • The LEGION III was developed for all disciplines: Surf, Freestyle, Freeride & Foil

  • Technology

    Pilot Bar

    Control as never before

    The Legion bar is light and clean to prevent tangling. In Strapless all your senses must be focused on the trick, wave or freestyle, your kite must be driven with your eyes shut. The diameter of the bar and its grip offers excellent comfort / control ratio. It floats thanks to integrated bar floats, and the clam-cleat provides easy trim control. Our lines are made with the highest level of quality requirements by the German manufacturer Liros

  • Technology

    Wing Flair

    Freedom with Flair

    Once again, we used our passion and desire of freedom to create a new wing surfing style. Our unique design is focused on the auto stable delta profile and an ultra light construction that stregnhten maniability and lightness in the long downwind surf ride that allow this discipline. As always, we are serving the strapless discipline with technology.

  • Technology

    The Surfwing Quest

    Ultra-resistant & resonsive construction

    The Armacell structure and the US foil box are one structure on our QUEST. The solidity is therefore uniform through-out the boardand provide an unmatched responsiveness sensation. The composite structure also allows the board to be very light.


    The wingsurfing discipline requires high volume boards. Therefore, it needs a lot of material to build any wing support. This is why we chose to work with recycled and recyclable composites for our QUEST, reducing the best we can the waste emissions in our production workshops.


    The Quest benefits from HB Surf unique know-how as they are produced in the same production workshops than our surfkite. The lightness, solidity and unique hand made finished are key elements of our new wingsurfing board




"I have been kiting and designing since the beginning of the sport. Over the years I have always pushed the boundaries of the sport by designing the most advanced products possible and testing them in real and challenging conditions. I don't consider myself a designer but rather a surf explorer who uses design to achieve the ultimate freedom of surfing.

With the same leitmotiv, we wanted to explore the limits of this discipline that is Wing Surfing to push them further and further. All my products are directed towards this unique goal that I will never stop pursuing."

Hervé Bouré

HB Surf team

Because we override as a team

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